The Cuerdo family have been distributing wines and spirits in Segovia since the 1930s, when our grandfather, Don Evaristo Cuerdo, founded the company “Grandes Almacenes de Vinos y Licores Evaristo Cuerdo García”. This warehouse, which was located in the district of San Marcos of Segovia, had several large earthenware jars and wine was sold in bulk by the gallon. Don Evaristo, with the support of his wife Doña Lucia Martín and their children, pioneered the marketing of wine in Segovia, offering wine to restaurants throughout the Province by lorry.

His eldest son Don Eugenio Martín Cuerdo, a sociable, cheerful man with an entrepreneurial spirit, was well versed in the business from childhood, having learnt the trade through working alongside the best teacher he could ever have had, his father. In the 1970s, when it became possible to expand the business, he created “Bodegas Cuerdo” to offer the finest brands of wines and spirits at the best price and service to the Province of Segovia.

Don Eugenio Cuerdo Martín pioneered the selection and preparation of his own wines under the “Cuerdo” label which he offered, for many years, to the world at large. At the same time he offered major wine producers in Spain a service which was distinctive in its dedication and unique in its knowledge of distribution in Segovia. He also sponsored several events and festivals and had countless awards in recognition.

One of the most important of these was bestowed in 1983 at the XVI Investiture of the Knights of the Brotherhood of the «Most Serene Chapter of the Knights of Wine» – the oldest in the world (founded in 1966) – which conferred on him the title of «Knight of Wine», among other titles.

Like his father, Don Eugenio was the imparter to his two daughters, Maria & Ana Cuerdo, of his greatest treasure and they have dedicated their lives to the world of wine in Segovia where the Cuerdo family is renowned.

Although Don Eugenio wanted his daughters to continue the family tradition, he gave their education priority since, as an entrepreneur, he knew that to maintain and improve the wine distribution sector in modern times the company would need to incorporate many changes and new technologies to remain a leader.

With this aim of renewal, Maria Cuerdo, the elder daughter, created «Cuerdo Delicatessen» in 2012 with help from her father, to provide the same spirit of service that the Cuerdo family has offered in Segovia for almost 100 years. Cuerdo Delicatessen, which specialises in fine wines, incorporates a new vision of business by expanding the distribution of major brands to Segovia Province through a modern shop and worldwide through the web.

The entrepreneurial spirit of the Cuerdo family does not end here but continues. In 2015, the younger daughter, Ana Cuerdo, joined the family tradition by founding «Bodega Eugenio Cuerdo», adding a new twist, the presentation of specialised events in the sector, and a different form of distribution, a virtual wine cellar, which sells wines worldwide via the web. This new venture, which incorporates all the Cuerdo expertise and experience, offers their specialised, custom service, which makes and keeps them at the forefront of wine distribution in Spain.

La festividad de San Cristobal (1971)

The Festival of St Cristobal (1971)

Etiqueta para el Hostal Comercio

Cuerdo Label for the Hostal Comercio

Investidura de Don Eugenio Cuerdo en la Cofradía del _Serenísimo Capitulo de Caballeros del Vino_  (1983)

Investiture of Don Eugenio Cuerdo in the Confraternity of the Most Serene Chapter of Knights of Wine (1983)»

A las puertas del Mesón de Cándido (Segovia)

In front of Mesón de Cándido (Segovia)

Reconomiciento de la Gimnastica Segoviana

Recognition from Segovian Gymnastics

Festividad de San Cristobal. El Camión Cisterna de Cuerdo

The Cuerdo tanker lorry at the Festival of St Cristobal.

Reconocimientos de Don Eugenio Cuerdo en su colaboración con la Vuelta Ciclista de Segovia

Don Eugenio Cuerdo being recognised for his collaboration with the Segovia cycle race

Don Eugenio Cuerdo siempre pendiente de su familia (2013)

Don Eugenio Cuerdo always mindful of his family (2013)

Fiesta de los Camareros en Segovia. Santa Marta

The Waiters Festival in Segovia. St Martha

Santa Marta Fiesta de los Camareros en Segovia

St Martha the Waiters Festival in Segovia

Entrega a Don Eugenio Cuerdo de la Insignia de Serenisimo Capitulo de Caballeros del Vino (1983)

Don Eugenio Cuerdo being inducted in the Insignia of the Chapter of the Most Serene Knights of Wine (1983)

Diploma de Honor por Montepio de Camareros de Segovia (1988)

Diploma of Honour from the Friendly Society of Waiters of Segovia (1988)

Reconocimientos de Don Eugenio Cuerdo en su colaboración con la Vuelta Ciclista de Segovia

Don Eugenio Cuerdo being recognised for his collaboration with the Segovia cycle race

Festividad de San Cristobal en Segovia

St Cristobal Festival, Segovia

Vuelta Ciclista a Segovia

Segovia cycle race

Homenaje a Don Eugenio Cuerdo en la Marcha Cicloturista Internacional Pedro Delgado (2015)

Tribute to Don Eugenio Cuerdo at the Pedro Delgado International Bike Tour Race (2015)

Fiesta de los Camareros en Segovia en la  Plaza de Toros .

Segovia Waiters Festival at the Bull Ring

Plaza de Toros Segovia en la Fiesta de los Camareros

The Bull Ring, Segovia, during the Waiters Festival

Don Eugenio Cuerdo con Don Candido Lopez Cuerdo (Mesón de Cándido) en el Alcazar de Segovia (1983)

Don Eugenio Cuerdo with Don Cándido López Cuerdo (Mesón de Cándido) in the Royal Castle of Segovia

Fiesta de los Camareros

Waiters Festival

Don Eugenio Cuerdo con Pedro Delgado

Don Eugenio Cuerdo with Pedro Delgado

Reconomiciento de la participacion de Don Eugenio Cuerdo en la Vuelta de Segovia (2000)

Recognition for the participation of Don Eugenio Cuerdo in the Segovia Cycle Race (2000)

Festividad de San Cristobal (2011)

St Cristobal Festival (2011)

Maria y Ana Cuerdo recogiendo homenaje a Don Eugenio Cuerdo de Pedro Delgado (2015)

Maria and Ana Cuerdo receiving the tribute to Don Eugenio Cuerdo from Pedro Delagado (2015)

Etiqueta antigua  de Cuerdo hecha a mano

Old, handmade Cuerdo label

Con el Alcazar de Segovia

With the Royal Castle, Segovia

Etiqueta de los Vinos de Cuerdo

Cuerdo wine label

Reconocimientos de Don Eugenio Cuerdo en su colaboración con la Vuelta Ciclista de Segovia

Recognition for Don Eugenio Cuerdo in collaboration with the Segovia Cycle Race

Vuelta Ciclista a Segovia (2000)

The Segovia Cycle Race (2000)

Reconocimiento a Don Eugenio Cuerdo en su apoyo a la Vuelta Cicloturista Internacional Pedro Delgado

Recognition of Don Eugenio Cuerdo for his help at the Pedro Delgado International Bike Tour Race

Don Eugenio Cuerdo

Don Eugenio Cuerdo