María Cuerdo

Executive MBA at the Instituto de Empresa (IE).
Master in Digital Marketing and E-Commerce (ESIC).
Master in Marketing (CESMA).
Degree in Advertising and Public Relations (Complutense University of Madrid).

I have inherited my father’s fighting spirit and his dedication to the “world of wine”. The key concepts in my life are hope, joy and commitment in everything I do along with a desire to improve.

Communication, business and marketing have always interested me, hence my studies in Advertising and Public Relations. My passion for marketing made me specialise in this area through various postgraduate courses.

In order to gain international experience and improve my English, I lived in Dublin and London where I worked in sales and marketing for multinational companies. I am a Chartered Marketer and Member (MCIM) of The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM).

After several years of developing my professional career, I thought it fitting to update my training in management and business administration. Taking the Executive MBA at the Instituto de Empresa was a tremendously enriching experience for me.

I put into practice what I learned on my MBA, mainly through working with my father Eugenio Cuerdo, at whose side every day was a challenge but one which I really enjoyed. When my father retired, I decided to follow him into the traditional family business, which has been rooted in the world of wine for almost 100 years, though adding the knowledge and experience essential for the 21st century. Thus, Cuerdo Delicatessen was born: a young, contemporary and innovative company but with the core and expertise of my father’s philosophy.

I considered it essential to further specialise in the world of wine by training as a Professional Sommelier so as to continue to offer the very best possible service which characterises us. Cuerdo Delicatessen was established in 2012 by Don Eugenio Cuerdo with his daughter Maria Cuerdo.

Don Eugenio Cuerdo con su hija Maria Cuerdo preparandose para Cuerdo Delicatessen (2012)

Don Eugenio Cuerdo with his daughter Maria Cuerdo getting ready for Cuerdo Delicatessen (2012)

Ana Cuerdo

Executive MBA at the Instituto de Empresa (IE).
Master in Finance from the Pontifical University of Madrid (ICADE).
Bachelor of Business Administration (Universidad Complutense de Madrid).

The final year of my Bachelor of Business Administration degree was spent on the Erasmus-Socrates Programme in Paris, which allowed me to improve my French and to gain an in depth knowledge of the world of French wine and champagne, as well as their production.

Despite this concern for wine, my vocation was financial. After my Masters Degree in Finance and having worked in multinational companies in the financial sector, I decided to advance and improve my training for what would become my future. With the support of my father, I studied an Executive MBA at the business school Instituto de Empresa (IE) in 2012, which allowed me to improve my knowledge and meet a wide group of classmates and current friends, who opened my eyes to the family business, leading me to feel that I should get more involved along with my father, Eugenio, and my sister, Maria, in the world of wine.

Out of this concern for wine, Bodega Eugenio Cuerdo was born. It is a young and innovative website, which allows us to offer the service, which has so characterised the Cuerdo family in Segovia for almost 100 years, anywhere in the world.

Don Eugenio Cuerdo con su hija  pequeña Ana Cuerdo (2012)

Don Eugenio Cuerdo with his younger daughter, Ana Cuerdo (2012)

Don Eugenio Cuerdo con las tinajas que tantos recuerdos tiene (2012)

Don Eugenio Cuerdo with the earthenware jars that evoke so many memories (2012)