The Cuerdo family business has expanded its wine distribution by opening a retail shop to offer products and activities relating to the world of wine.

Wine Tasting Events (individuals, companies and business schools)

We are pioneers in offering wine tastings in several languages (Spanish, English and French). We have a retail shop where we offer tastings of our products to individuals and small groups. In the case of large companies, this service is offered in the Hotel Cándido (Segovia).

Events in Business Schools

We take part in various events in the best business schools in the world such as Instituto de Empresa (IE) to offer our products.


Company Wine Tasting in Hotel Cándido (2015)

Wedding Gifts and Special Celebrations

Cuerdo Delicatessen offers a variety of products to give guests at special events and is a participant in the various Weddings Days in restaurants as well as offering a selection in our shop.

Winemaking route

We offer visits to discover the different wineries and taste their wines while enjoying the local cuisine.


Event at IE Business School organised by Cuerdo Delicatessen and Bodega Eugenio Cuerdo (2015)


Visit to the Carlos Serres winery (2015)